Fighting the Monday Blues

How many times do you press the snooze button before you actually get up and start the day.  Getting up for work becomes doubly difficult on Mondays.  You cling on to whatever remnants of the weekend just to keep your sanity.  But slap your self silly and get back to reality – you’re an employee!  It’s Monday and you have to work. 

Fighting the Monday Blues takes the right mindset and attitude.  But it’s doable.   

Check this out.  This may help you: How to Fight the Monday Blues and Enjoy Work

Who knows, you might even enjoy going to the office and actually accomplish some work.

What do you do to beat the Monday work blues?

That Darn Place Called Office and That Darn Activity Called Work

Your companion for the day.

You wake up in the morning.  You do your daily bathroom routines.  You eat what appears to be food from last night.  You squeeze your way into crowded public transport.  You punch in and start another dismal day at the office.  What’s worse is you get to do the same things again tomorrow.  Your only consolation is that you get a check with less than the numbers you promised yourself 5 years ago.

Dragging your feet to work is neither healthy nor helpful.  The pessimistic side of me just wants to shout that’s the terrible reality of life.  But the optimistic side wants to reassure you that there’s still hope.  As I contemplate what to actually write the optimistic side of me just kicked the butt of the pessimistic side (regardless which side, it’s still the same behind…mine!).  So how to you turn such a dreary outlook into an enthusiastic one?  Someone just screamed Yoga and Pilates!  Yes, that would work but here are some ideas that might help as well.

Take a break

At first it seems counterproductive.  Taking a break from work to actually like going back to the office – and love your work.  The truth is office stress can take a toll on you.  Stress can pull down your productivity and even affect your outlook in life.  So go ahead, fill up that leave form and take the next flight to some exotic paradise.  Oh yes, I forgot, your paycheck lacks the necessary numbers for you to do this.  No worries!  Just do some inexpensive stress-busting activities.  This may include anything from staying in bed until 11:00 AM to staring blankly into space for hours.  It’s your choice.  Just make sure you keep your mind off of work.  Rest and recharge.  You owe that to yourself!

Try something new

Try something different to spice up your day.  It can be as lame as using a new soap or as extreme as having a makeover.  Avoid the routines that you associate with the depressing office life.  Shaving your head is a bit drastic so start small.  Perhaps you can start with a new top, new accessories or even a new scent.  When you’re more confident you can go for the skin head or a tattoo on your unmentionables – just don’t get fired.  Sometimes trying a new route, a new place to eat, making a new friend can change your perspective in life. 

Pscyh yourself up

Motivation is internal.   You choose how to feel and how to react to things.  Before I sound like a shrink and charge you exorbitant amounts let me just say that you need to pep up yourself.  One way is to beat the Monday blues.  You know, the dreaded day of the week where you start work all over again.  Another way is to see problems at work as opportunities to test your self (and hopefully grow).  Sure, it’s easier said than done.  But have you really, really, really tried to do this? 

Plot your life course

Life Course – now that sounds profound.  Ask yourself what it is that you want to do.  Stephen Covey even went further as to asking people to write their own eulogies.  Morbidity aside, when you know what you want, you strive to reach it.  The moment you let each day pass without a goal is the time to start spiraling down. 

You choose to work with a smile or disdain written all over your face – it’s your face anyway.  You have the option to continuously live in a dismal place or choose to embrace the beauty underneath all the atrocities.  In the end, you choose to wake up enthusiastic about the day or not.  Let that optimistic and hopeful side of you kick the pessimistic butt for once.  Just try it.  If you don’t like what happens don’t worry; you’re already miserable anyway.

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